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Sabtu, 18 Mei 2013


Hello. Everyone.
Trying my best to get along with sooooooo many lemons problems come straight to me one by one. 

Right now,
in this moment
in this time
I feel  burden with my responsibility
with my commitment
with my problems.
I think there are many people out there manage their problem better than me. 

I have bad relationship with management,
 PHP wont friend with me, 
Thesis is getting far far away from me even our wedding will be coming very very soon. 

O Allah
Please give me strength to face this kind of situation

I hope I'm strong this semester. 
full stop. 


so, apa pendapat anda tentang entri ini?

2 ulasan:

kimie berkata...

wahhh.. speaking sekarang..

citah bukan mazid berkata...

yerla..kan dah nak present nie..kena ada improvement la sikit..tulis blog pun kena speaking..kekekeke